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Event Planning

Event Planning - We plan all types of quality events for individuals, businesses, and organizations. We can plan the whole event or part of it depending on the need.

Gift Baskets and More – We create customized gift baskets and more. They are a great way of communicating and showing people they are in your thoughts and appreciated, Gift Baskets can also be used as giveaways.

Party and Wedding Favors – We provide party and wedding favors to make your guests feel special. We can customize the favors to make them an even more memorable keepsake.

Workshop Creation – We develop and host workshops on a wide variety of topics including Professional Development, Computers and Technology, Saving Money in Today's Economy, etc. We tailor the workshop based on the specific subject area and target audience. We like the workshops to be interactive and fun.



Other Services:

Business Planning & Development


Career Development

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