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Business Planning & Devleopment

Brainstorming Sessions - We conduct healthy Brainstorming Sessions to capture creativity, analyze the output, and provide direction for making the ideas reality.

Nonprofit Board Development - We work with nonprofit organizations that need to develop new or improve existing boards. We identify opportunities for improvement and establish plans to make the improvements. We implement best practices and offer resources to help the organization continue to grow.

Process Development & Improvement - We develop repeatable and effective processes and improve existing processes. This increases quality and efficiency.

Project Management - We manage small to medium size projects of all types. We will work with you or your delegate to develop a plan that is realistic and we manage to that plan. We will identify associated risks and potential mitigations for those risks

Service Delivery - We help optimize the delivery of the services our clients provide. We explore and implement plans to make delivery more efficient and cost effective. We look at the delivery in its entirety taking into consideration the impacts of change.

Strategic & Operational Planning - We create a foundation for annual planning in focus areas, help strategize for future growth, improve current and future operations, analyze how you are doing against the plan, and make necessary changes to the plan and/or approach.

Science Technology Engineering & Math (STEM) Activity Planning - We plan and conduct STEM activities, we help connect you with STEM organizations, and we help you establish a presence in the STEM arena.


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